As alluded to, regulatory approval of digoxin for heart failure was driven primarily by the three clinical trials mentioned.

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monitor digoxin, oral anticoagulants.

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calcium-blocking blood pressure medicines like nifedipine procardia , diltiazem cardizem cd or verapamil calan sr may also increase digoxin levels.

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serum digoxin concentrations may be falsely elevated by endogenous digoxin-like substances see drug interactions .

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digoxin mainly eliminated by the kidney may be given to patients with liver diseases digitoxin is mainly eliminated by hepatic metabolism may be given to patients with renal failure the presence of enzyme inducers or inhibitors can change the extent of digitalis clearance.

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cholestyramine digoxin fluticasone ketoconazole lanthanum phenobarbital phenytoin prednisone.


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