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generic aleve is a drug that relieves pain among adults by temporarily blocking the body s production of natural chemicals called prostaglandins.

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shopping cart 0 items specials advanced search create an account log in categories anti-acidity anti-allergic asthma anti-depressant anti-anxiety anti-diabetic anti-herpes antibiotics bestsellers blood pressure cholesterol general health men s health pain relief muscle relaxant women s health top catalog pain relief muscle relaxant aleve aleve is used for the treatment of mild to moderate pain, ansaid ansaid is used for the treatment of inflammation and pain azulfidine azulfidine is used for the treatment of mild to moderate ul.

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a diuretic water pill such as amiloride midamor, moduretic , spironolactone aldactone, aldactazide , or triamterene dyrenium, maxzide, dyazide ; gold injections to treat arthritis; lithium lithobid, eskalith ; a potassium supplement such as cytra, epiklor, k-lyte, k-phos, kaon, klor-con, or polycitra; or aspirin or other nsaids non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen advil, motrin , naproxen aleve, naprosyn, naprelan, treximet , celecoxib celebrex , diclofenac arthrotec, cambia, cataflam, voltaren, flector patch, pennsaid, solareze , indomethacin indocin , meloxicam mobic , and others.


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