Pettigrew d, anderson kl, billington j, cota e, simpson p, urvil p, rabuzin f, roversi p, nowicki b, du merle l, le bouguenec c, matthews s, lea sm high resolution studies of the afa dr adhesin drae and its interaction with chloramphenicol.

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2 of those who receive intravenous chloramphenicol 25mg kg body weight dose every 6 hours for 7 days .

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studies on the mechanism of action of chloramphenicol.

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topical chloramphenicol is generally very well tolerated with uncommon local adverse effects of hypersensitivity and transient burning stinging.

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, gray syndrome observed in this population when receiving excessive chloramphenicol dosing.

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due to the unpredictable effects of dose on different patient populations, it has not been possible to identify a safe level of human exposure to chloramphenicol.


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