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minor allopurinol in large doses can decrease theophylline clearance.

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the preliminary results show that overall, febuxostat did not increase the risk of these combined events compared to allopurinol.

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zyloprim allopurinol can substantially reduce serum and urinary uric acid levels in previously refractory patients even in the presence of renal damage serious enough to render uricosuric drugs virtually ineffective.

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patients were excluded if they were younger than 18 years as of the year of index date; had evidence of cancer or rheumatoid arthritis during the study period; had no sua laboratory result 14 or more days after the index date the primary outcome measure ; had less than six months of continuous enrollment prior to their index date baseline period ; or had 90 days follow-up after index prescription of allopurinol or febuxostat.

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