The person who had taken mao inhibitors in the past 14 days should not consume zyban medication.

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seizures there is a chance of having a seizure convulsion, fit with zyban, especially in people with certain medical problems.

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wellbutrin and its competitor stop smoking drug zyban utilize the antidepressant bupropion, which is used to treat major depressive disorder and seasonal affective disorder.

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insomnia — in up to 40 percent of people see zyban and insomnia an irritated or runny nose — up to 12 percent dry mouth — up to 11 percent see zyban and dry mouth dizziness — up to 10 percent nausea — up to 9 percent trouble concentrating — up to 9 percent constipation — up to 8 percent joint pain — up to 5 percent unusual dreams — up to 5 percent muscle pain — up to 4 percent diarrhea — up to 4 percent nervousness — up to 4 percent.

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also while taking generic zyban, it is necessary for the users to take help and support of family and friends.

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generic zyban is an oral therapy which allows determined smokers, to get rid from their smoking habit.


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