The cost for synthroid 112 mcg tablets is around 94 for a supply of 90 tablets.

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you can always be sure we sell only high quality synthroid, because we work with the manufacturers that have been fully licensed, and this is why your treatment is bound to be safe, enjoyable and always confidential.

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your genes may determine how you react to synthroid in terms of weight change.

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there s only modest evidence from a 2010 study suggesting that older adults ages 45 may gain a little bit of weight from synthroid treatment.

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t4 only medications levothyroxine, synthroid, levoxyll, tirosint ndt t4 t3 medications armour thyroid, naturethroid, wp thyroid t3 only medications liothyronine, cytomel and sr t3 compounded .

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the brand name synthroid is the better product of the two.


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